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Sell your books online with free shipping!

Your USI Campus Store has partnered with MBS Textbook Exchange, the nation's largest textbook wholesaler, to offer you the best wholesale prices for your used books if you are not able to visit the store. Use the section below to see the book's wholesale value. Retail prices (50% of the purchase price) are offered in the store during the dates mentioned above.

Please Note: This link for online buyback is primarily provided for our Distance Learning customers who cannot physically bring their books into the USI Campus Store for buyback. Clicking on the link above will take you to the website of our used book business partner, MBS Textbook Exchange, where you can sell your books for whatever prevailing wholesale value they have. You will be selling your books to MBS, not to the USI Campus Store.

For books that will be used for the upcoming semester, the USI Campus Store will usually pay more than the wholesale value; however, for the USI Campus Store to pay the higher price, the books must be physically brought to the store for buyback.

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Search for Buyback Information on Previous Purchases

If you have purchased textbooks through this site, please click this link to view which of your books are part of the current buyback list.

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Click the link below to view ISBNs in your current buyback alert list. This list may also include books you have previously purchased through this site.

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Next Retail buyback is April 16-May 3 -- SELL your books -- get CASH!

Check our prices before going somewhere else!

The USI Campus Store buys books all year (with a few exceptions) at a wholesale rate (approximately up to 20% of the book's value) in the store. Market demand determines wholesale prices.  RETAIL buyback is the best time to sell your book and receive up to 50% of the NEW book value.

Buyback tips from the USI Campus Store

More bucks for your books

Unless you have worked in a college bookstore, turning unwanted textbooks into cash seems so simple. Take a step behind the scenes of the USI Campus Store Buyback. There are many factors that affect the amount of money you receive. This knowledge can help you get the best price!

To ensure you receive the best price, encourage your professors to turn in their textbook orders as soon as possible! Your hard-work can literally pay off.


Did you know that books are sorted into two types: retail and wholesale?

  • You get the most cash for retail books that will be used at USI next semester. There are currently hundreds of different titles on our retail buyback list!
  • You will receive up to 50% of the NEW book price if the book has been adopted for the following semester.
  • Wholesale books are books not being used at USI next semester or the Campus Store already has enough inventory of that book. The wholesale price is the national market value for the book. All wholesale books are boxed up and shipped to the wholesale company daily.

Here is more important Buyback information:
  • Writing and highlighting inside books is okay.
  • Bring all components along with your textbooks, including access cards, CDs, and any other items.
  • Books usually have no value if they are water damaged, have missing pages, have answers filled in, torn bindings, or are old editions.
  • Please keep in mind we do not buy items marked not for resale, including:

    • International Editions
    • Eastern Economy Editions
    • Instructor Editions