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Merchandise - Product Detail

Complete VIP outfit (tam, gown, tassel, hood) - finer quality than Horizon (Masters outfit) - this SOUVENIR outfit is ideal for faculty who will be wearing their regalia on a limited basis - if you are over 225 lbs, please provide your SHIRT size - deadline is March 21, 2017 for December graduation - orders placed after this time will be charged a $25 late fee & will not be guaranteed for delivery - please allow up to 30 days delivery time.

*VIP material
*Gown upgraded with matinee velvet on the chevrons and the front velvet
*Satin lining in the hood instead of nylon
*Six corner souvenir velvet tam with 2 button gold silky Doctoral tassel (this is a one size fits all tam)

Use the drop down arrow to find your gown size.

Item: 2000096
Price: $199.99