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Welcome USI Faculty

Why does the Campus Store need textbook requests so early?

Because Early Book Requests = More Used/Rental Books for Students.

If we know what books you want to use next term BEFORE the end of the current term, we can increase our supply of lower-cost, used/rental books for next term's students.


  • First we buy back unwanted, used copies from students on campus during finals. We would prefer to pay students cash than to the publishers.
  • Then we start purchasing used copies from national used book wholesalers.
  • Once we've exhausted these options, we purchase new books from the publishers and distributors
  • If we don't know what books you're using until a few weeks before the start of term, we have little opportunity to get used copies for your incoming students.

Did you know?

  • The USI Campus Store funds a $2,000.00 scholarship to each college (College of Business, College of Liberal Arts, etc.) yearly.
  • The USI Campus Store contributes to various campus departments.
  • The USI Campus Store is a proud sponsor of the USI Dance Team.
  • The USI Campus Store is a proud sponsor of USI Athletics.
  • The USI Campus Store is a supporter of the USI Alumni Association.
  • The USI Campus Store is university owned/operated.
  • All of the USI Campus Store profits go back to the university.

Please contact Nancy Schroder (ext 7122) if you desire assistance with the adoption process. The Textbook Department welcomes the opportunity to work with you to complete your book order.

Note: Please request all desk copies through your division secretary or your publisher representative. The USI Campus Store is not permitted to order "desk copies" from publishers.

Spring 2018


October 6, 2017
Spring book orders are due. This gives the Textbook Department two weeks to process adoptions before we begin purchasing books at which time it will be too late to change/cancel an adoption without a penalty.

If your adoption is not submitted in time for buyback, you put students at risk of not being able to sell their book(s) at the highest possible price (50% of the NEW book price).


October 11, 2017

We will begin ordering "CUSTOM" books.  

It takes publishers 6-8 weeks to deliver custom print books.

October 20, 2017

Last day to change/cancel spring order without a cancellation fee or change-order fee.

After this date, your department will incur the same costs as the Campus Store.


October 23, 2017

We will begin ordering spring books. 

The ordering process takes time and we want to make sure your order is processed in a timely manner.  

Please visit the Campus Store in December to verify your book is here and the correct edition is on the shelf.


December 1, 2017

Book buyback begins

December 1, 2017
Textbooks will be available online to order.